About Us

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Welcome to the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario

Our core purpose is to create knowledge and develop applications to sustain natural systems on which all life depends.

Biodiversity measures the variation of life shaped through ecology and evolution from genes to species and ecosystems. The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph (BIO) is the birthplace of DNA barcoding and its centre for biodiversity genomics (CBG) is dedicated to the study of biodiversity at the species level and the advancement of this field of research. 

BIO is also the focal point for all biodiversity-related research at UoG to benefit over 30 world-class scientists across all Colleges and most departments. This Interdisciplinary Biodiversity Initiative at Guelph (iBiG) brings together all the UoG biodiversity-related research community, and strengthens the individual potential to accelerate outcomes through collaborative action. A critical mass of expertise covering all aspects of biodiversity science makes it possible to tackle problems with innovative approaches in ways that cannot be achieved by any one partner alone. Members of iBiG research all facets of biodiversity-related problems from soil microbiome to human gut microbiome and social, ethical and legal issues associated with emerging science

Our research outcomes are applied to design solutions to major needs of industry and society ranging from breeding better plants, improving and protecting animal and human health, stepping-up conservation and environmental assessments, detecting marketplace fraud, to enabling to more effective control of invasive pest species and disease vectors.