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Our Vision


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At the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, we aim to...


1.  Become a world leader in the science needed to globally monitor, understand, and protect biodiversity.

2.  Utilize the exceptional biodiversity research capacity already in place at the University of Guelph

3.  Develop a new robust platform for launching bold and innovative research initiatives for the future. 

4.  Enhance collaboration amongst biodiversity researchers at both a local and global scale.

5.  Provide support for groups devoted to synthesis research in biodiversity science through provision of seed funding, meeting space and technological resources. 

6.   Enhance communications both digitally and through workshops to strengthen relationships with existing external partners and to encourage knowledge translation to the public, industry, NGOs and the government. 

​7.   To better apply genomic tools to increase understanding of how biological variation sustains ecosystem function by working in close collaboration with CBG. 

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We are dedicated to enhancing collaboration between different nodes of the scientific community, both locally and worldwide. 

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We are dedicated to solving pressing biodiversity issues in a changing climate using collaboration and cutting-edge technology.

Ecosystem Services

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Center for Ecosystem Management


We have notable collections of species from all over the world to add to our research knowledge on the biodiversity of life. 


OAC Insect Collection

Axelrod Fossil Collection