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The Axelrod Fossil Collection

The Axelrod Fossil collection is populated by fossilized organisms that inhabited the Araripe Basin (Chapada do Araripe) in Brazil during the cretaceous period some 100 million years ago. This collection, known as the Santana Formation, is one of the world’s most productive paleontological sites. This collection of excellently preserved fossil vertebrates have been significant in making scientific discoveries due to the enlightening data provided by the unique flora and fauna uncovered in this area.

Map showing where the Santana Fossil Formation was found

Credits: Graphic by Danielle Ruffatto

Image of Herbert Axelrod

Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod

These fossils were donated  by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod from his private collection of Santana Formation fossils. Since Dr Axelrod's donation to the public, there have been a number of scientific papers that have been published. Creating new areas of understanding from terrestrial locomotion in pterosaurs, and studies of new fossils of fish, turtles. These fossils occur in shales, thin limestone laters, and in large rounded limestone concretions that faciliated excellent preservation that showcase anatomical detail providing an indepth look of Lower Cretaveous biota.


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